An Attractive Czech Violin, Early 1920’s.

Perhaps one of the most attractive and well executed trade instruments I have had the pleasure of acquiring from Bohemia. Technically speaking, many of the instruments we refer to as Czech are technically Bohemian in that Czechoslovakia wasn’t established until 1918. Patterned after a long Guarneri pattern, this violin boasts the subsequent facsimile label with “Made in Czechoslovakia. This stipulates that it was made for export and certainly couldn’t have   been made prior to 1891. This pushes our attributes dates to the early 1920’s. Having said that, many of the lines indicate Markneukirchen training but profile of the scroll, channeling of the volutes, and button are decidedly ‘Czech.’ Stellar selection for the spruce top and stunningly flamed maple for the one piece back, measuring 361mm. Irregular flame to the ribs, with matching headstock. Beautiful edge work and f-holes, with cleanly executed purfling. Fresh fittings of Indian rosewood with bone accents, new bridge, sound post, and Dominant strings with a .27 Goldbrokat ‘E.’ Imbued with a pleasingly well defined voice - clear, articulate, lyrical, easy to speak, but with enough resistance to accommodate aggressive playing through demanding passages.

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