At Cohen Violins, free repair estimates are just an appointment away. 

Shipped Items: If you reside out of state or are unable to schedule an in person visit, we also offer an initial estimate based on photos and regularly receive shipped work orders. However, If we discover something that requires additional attention once the item is inspected upon arrival, we require authorization before proceeding with the repairs. Though this is a rare occurrence, we do our very best to ensure no surprise fees!

Cohen Violins offers a full range of repairs and timely service and often collaborates and consults with industry experts to render the most professional and historically appropriate restorations.

Scroll down to enjoy a few examples of recent repairs from the bench.


Photographs detailing the edge work, complete restoration and final presentation of a 19th century French violin from the workshop of Nicolas Caussin in Neufchateau, circa 1880.

Closing open seams on a modern Hungarian violin.

Detailed and precise setup work with the highest quality materials. Tonal adjustment sessions also available. 

Total reconditioning of a German Weichold workshop bow from 1890, including new tip facing, silk on silk thread lapping, black lizard leather thumb grip, balancing, and a rehair.

Progression of a correction to the rib outline, the subsequent shortening and touch up of a Viennese violin from 1870.

Setting a large crack in preparation for cleating.

From left to right: the original bridge, the new bridge, and a blank for reference.

Two examples of varnish touch up and blending. 

A peg box bushing in progress, just prior to touch up. 

A neck reset involving a spacer, forward facing shim, and shims on the side of the mortise. Completed and then touched up. 

This rib had bulged and expanded past the edge of the block. It had to be shortened, steamed, and pressed back into shape before being reattached. 

Hand made re-hair jig for consistent high quality service, silk lappings, and exotic thumb grips.