A Powerful German Viola, Circa 1890-1900. 15.5”

Formerly the property of a prominent Atlanta violist who passed almost 20 years ago, this powerful German viola had been configured with a classical setup for baroque use. Freshly fitted with a contemporary setup, it is now available for audition and trial for the first time in more than two decades. High-end trade work from Germany dating to approximately 1890-1900; boasting attractive choice in tone woods and similar varnish treatment to the Mittenwald violas with Hornsteiner fascimile labels. Though, the scroll clearly differs and the purfling is somewhat more elegant, with a wider ‘white’ of what appears to be walnut. It presents in good condition, less two cracks to the lower treble bout which were repaired by Voss in Atlanta.

This viola easily produces a remarkably rich and well defined core, offering a powerful voice which belies its smaller size  capable of competing against both larger instruments and those valued significantly higher. Simply impressive.

Detailed Measurements:

LOB: 392 mm.

SL: 362 mm or 14 1/4.”

UB: 187 mm.

LB 228mm.

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