A Fine Violin Numbered 154 By Charles Resuche in Bordeaux, 1907.

Born in Mirecourt in 1858, Charles Resuche apprenticed with Gabriel Didion before working for the famed Gand and Bernardel in Paris. He established himself in Lyon in 1896 and spent the better part of a year partnered with Justin Diter until Diter moved to Marsielle to assume command of the Richelme workshop in 1897. Resuche achieved a similar appointment in 1899, settling in Bordeaux to lead Maison F. Meynieu. He remained there until his retirement from lutherie in 1913.

This fine French violin by Charles Resuche was made in Bordeaux in 1907, numbered 154 on the label and also to the back in ink  further inside; an elegant and highly characteristic example of his work demonstrating a distinctive personal style as well as influence from Diter and his time at Gand and Bernardel with a back length of 359mm. The varnish, inspired by the classical Cremonese school, with only minor wear and retaining black chamfering to the scroll and rib mitres. Altogether, presenting in excitingly good condition, with its original pegs and a fresh setup in matching Rosewood, with a new bridge and Evah Pirazzi strings. Its voice, notably powerful, with a bright edge to articulations, highly modular with an easy, supple quality to the response and a colorful core with clearly ringing overtones. The resistance, of a quality that is effortless in softer, subtle passages, and sustains through the most demanding passages without so much as a thought that the sound might crack.

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