Mid 19th Century Mittenwald Viola From Neuner & Hornsteiner. 15 3/16”

The Neuner & Hornsteiner firm was founded early in the 19th century and grew to employ over 200 craftsmen under the direction of Ludwig Neuner (1840-1897). Ludwig Neuner studied in Berlin and Munich before spending seven years working for J.B. Vuillaume. He assumed the helm of the Neuner and Hornsteiner workshop in Mittenwald in 1884. The partnership between the two families, listing 14 and 31 members in the violin making guild respectively, began with Mathias Neuner (fl. 1795-1930). the shop also employed members of the Seitz or Seiz family, including Ferdinand and Anton, the latter of which worked as foreman of the workshop through the 40’s; the younger of the two, Ferdinand, worked until 1957. This mid 19th century viola from the Neuner & Hornsteiner workshop demonstrates characteristics and clear influence from this era of the shops’ production, dating it somewhere from the mid 1840’s to perhaps 1860 at the latest. It presents in good condition overall, with some fading to the varnish on the table and no repairs to speak of save for minor wear commensurate with its age. Freshly fitted with a modern bass at and brought to spec in our workshop, it offers a boisterous, characterful voice with exceptionally good resistance and response for its 15 3/16” back length.  

Detailed Measurments:
LOB: 387mm
UB: 182mm
LB: 222mm
String Length: 351mm or 13 13/16”

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