An Ornately Decorated Violin, Germany Circa 1900.

With the exception of a single corner’s edge, the ‘rope’ purfling of this ornately decorated German violin remains completely intact - a feature that few of these old violins still boast as each facet of alternating color represents a carefully fitted individual piece of wood. To that end, a more traditional purfling is also set into the channel on the inside of the edges, between which inlays abound across the back. The purfling terminates into decorative fleurs at the top and bottom of the back, complete with pieces of pearl, and ebonizations of black and green in stark juxtaposition to the deep red of the varnish and yellow ground glimpsed through shading that doesn’t quite achieve conveying authenticity in antiquing. The center too features a large design in similar fashion, completing the aesthetic in a manner many fiddlers in particular find irresistible.

Dating to approximate 1900 and some 120 years of age, the violin remains in surprisingly good condition. Although quite common, this instrument is rare in the sense of its overall condition as most of these fiddles were ridden hard and put away wet, presenting with many damages and amateur repairs and large sections of missing ‘rope’ purfling. The only crack on the instrument ascends from the lower eye of the treble f hole. Stable and secure.

The fiddle also retains its original fingerboard with an inlaid flower, planed and re-stained. Offered with an old case, bow, rosin, shoulder rest, and your choice of chinrest. Setup with a decorative tailpiece and Zyex strings with a Dominant G. At home in bars and various other venues and perfect for old time fiddling and bluegrass.

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