An Excellent Viola Bow By Vladimir Radosavljevic, #1036

An Excellent Viola Bow By Vladimir Radosavljevic, #1036

Perfectly balanced at 73.5 grams, and ringing true as any of the finest French masterpieces, this viola bow after Peccatte was meticulously crafted and features silver mounts, with hallmarks to the underside of the ebony frog, and the maker’s stamp to the bottom facet, just above the mortise; Vladimir Radosavljevic’s #1036.

Vladimir Radosavljevic (b. 1971 - ) is a Serbian-American Achetier from Belgrade with an internationally celebrated reputation for crafting bows of the highest quality and artistic distinction. His individually tailored personal works and masterful copies are sought after the world over by performers of the highest order and discerning collectors alike, and are inspired by his own private collection of rare, important, and historic French bows. After spending many highly prolific years in both New York and Brazil, Vladimir now resides in historic Savannah, GA, and also has workshops in both Miami, FL, and Belgrade subsequent to commissions from both the Belgrade Philharmonic and Radio Orchestra of Belgrade to equip their entire string sections with his bows. Vladimir has earned the rare distinction of producing over 1000 bows by the age of 50 and boasts an auction record of $7,800 through Tarisio, a testament to his artistry and command of tradition that only a handful of achetiers achieve within their own lifetime.

Vladimir’s early background was that of an accomplished violinist; after 14 years of study and graduating from the University of Music in Belgrade, he won a position in 1991 with Teatre T in Belgrade, performing there until he emigrated to the United States in 1993. He met Jose Da Cunha in New York and soon after began repairing bows under the supervision of Michael Gerson, a pupil of Otto Erdesz, who would introduce him to Jaquez Francois, for whom he would occasionally provide rehairs and restorations. In 1995, Vladimir also began providing services for Brice Dupin de St Cyr’s Carnegie Hall office, and Constanatin Popesku of Connecticut. In 1998, Vladimir was introduced to Carlos Martins Del Picchia, who studied bow making at Bein and Fushi of Chicago and with Andrew Dipper of Clair Givens Violins in Minneapolis. Together, they opened a workshop in Brazil and Vladimir began to make bows under the supervision of Del Picchia. He would travel back to New York regularly and began a lifelong collaboration and friendships with Isaac Salchow and Christophe Landon, who deeply influenced his work. In 2006, Vladimir moved back to the United States, bringing in tow the most premium selection of pernambuco to continue his craft and began collaborations with performers and master teachers such as Eric Shumsky and David Krueger of the Summit Music Festival, among many others of storied success.

Cohen Violins is now among a select group of highly esteemed purveyors to represent Vladimir Radosavljevic’s bows. 

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