An Early 19th C. Violin By A Member Of The Meinel Family

An Early 19th C. Violin By A Member Of The Meinel Family


A charming violin from Klingenthal dating to the first quarter of the 19th century by a member of the Meinel family; bearing an interior brand to the belly, “*Meinel.*” Less some minor wear commensurate to the instrument’s age, the only damage worth noting is that to the outline of the treble f hole, which demonstrates considerable wear, likely from overzealous use of a soundpost tool in the distant past. The violin retains its original neck and scroll and remains in an otherwise unmolested state of preservation.

The overall shape, still showing clear influence from the Hopf family workshops and perhaps the Pfretzschners too, but with a regularity and moniker more consistency than earlier more free form forebears; with a certain grace and hint of Brescian flavor to the scroll, a developing style still largely independent from other far-spread schools of making. And, of course, a beautiful one-piece back of tight irregular flame, with matching selections for the ribs.

LOB: 359mm

LON: 125mm

Body Stop: 194mm

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