An American Violin By Dudley Reed, 1960

Dudley B. Reed (1900-1974) was active as a violin maker from 1922 and studied with Carl Hildebrand. He worked exclusively as an instrument maker and restorer from 1953 and had produced over 150 instruments by the end of 1956. 

Though Reed is credited with an output of over 500 instruments, it is somewhat nebulous how many instruments Reed made entirely himself, but their quality  earned him his reputation and a subsequent demand that brought prices of these instruments as high as $14,000 in valuation and made them a welcome sight to auction houses. David Wenberg cited Reed as using “fine materials and dark red-brown spirit varnish” in his own write-up. 

This American Violin from 1960  by Dudley Reed was acquired from the estate of a career musician in North Florida and presents in excellent condition, without any damages, nor any repairs, save for some wear to the varnish commensurate with 60+ years of professional, well maintained use. 

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