An 18th Century Violin Attributed To Johann Georg Meisel, 1784., Meisel Family Workshop.

An 18th Century Violin Attributed To Johann Georg Meisel, 1784., Meisel Family Workshop.

Immediately struck by the titillating patina which permeates the soft golden yellow varnish, lifetimes of use are evident and written across this alluring old German violin; an instrument attributed to Johann Georg Meisel of Klingenthal in 1784 by a label in its belly. Attractive, but simple construction, with evidence of quick work tracing through the volutes of the scroll. Certainly Klingenthal, and quite likely from the Meisel family workshop, but with enough eyebrow raising details to make further attribution speculative, if not nebulous at best. Not the least of which, the more upright Guarneri inspired f holes - a somewhat earlier iteration of lines and shapes that would become more common if not prevalent from 1820 onwards. The violin is at least that old, and to my eye, much closer to the date indicated by the interior label.

Attributes also include a grafted scroll, bushed, and fitted with new pegs, modern specifications for the neck and projection, with a somewhat lifted quality to the face resulting from the change in mensur - to my delight, proving quite effective. Several old and clearly visible repairs that were well executed, expertly cleated, and currently present as perfectly stable; the fingerboard planed, with a new saddle, bone nut, and fittings of ebony with bone accents for a uniform aesthetic, including the end button. Custom fitted and finely tuned three-tree Despiau bridge from France, Gold plated Hill style fine tuner, titanium tailgut, and Vision Solo Titanium strings.

The voice: immediate response and sonority, with a well seasoned and almost cavernous quality that neither lacks depth, nor definition, with flexibility and overall, evoking an ease of play. Whereas it felt almost muted under the ear, I was delighted to discover that the violin boasts tremendous projection and continued definition across larger distances and spaces.

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