A Strong Silver Mounted Violin Bow Sold By Thomas Holder in Paris, 1913-1929.

Thomas James Holder was born in Cardiff, England in 1874 but established himself in Paris at the Place de Havre in 1913, where he continued operating as a violin maker, expert restorer, and dealer until 1929. Henley, who is often heavy handed has a shining write up for Holder, including “Specialist in old master imitation. Connoisseurs of every class concur in pronouncing his work to be as fine as any Frenchman. ‘Stradivarian’ modeling full of faithful excellencies, delightfully elegant, and cunningly varnished. The several peculiarities of the Guarnerian have also received ample justice from his exact craftsmanship.”

Stamped, “T.J. Holder Paris to the player side of the handle, with its original silver tinsel wrap and fully lined silver mounted ebony frog with matching single-piece button; demonstrating excellent playing properties, with a firm flexibility and evoking a quality that belies its somewhat humble craftsmanship. Strong pernambuco with highly visible grain, presumably a German import stamped for sale through Holder in Paris. Immediately resonant and very well balanced.

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