A Striking Italian Cello By Luigi Villa, Milan - 1987.

Luigi Villa was born in Pessano Italy in 1919 and worked with wood as a medium from a young age, teaching himself violin making and attending art school as a sculptor. Recognized for his gifts, he entered the mentorship of Pierre Parravicini in Bovisio Masciago, with and for whom he worked for 10 years. Parravicini is considered to be one of the most important Italian luthiers of the 20th century as the last remaining connection to the lineage, teachings, and traditions of his own mentor, Romeo Antoniazzi, which he in turn passed to Villa.

Villa opened an independent workshop in Cesano Maderno, Milan and worked there until his death in 2005. Jay Ifshin and Herb Rudolf acquired many instruments out of the estate, including this cello from 1987, which subsequently sold 15 years ago and is only available again because of its last owner’s passing. It is a highly characteristic example of Luigi Villa’s work that demonstrates both the lineage of his craft and a lifetime of achievement, crafted with tightly flamed maple in two pieces for the back, with matching ribs and headstock, and presumably local spruce for the top; finished in a highly translucent golden orange oil varnish and offering a decidedly italian aesthetic. Its voice is broad and colorful, with ample resistance and a lyrical quality.

Detailed Measurements:

Length of Back - 755mm.

String Length - 687mm.

Body Stop - 390mm.

Upper Bout - 358mm.

Lower Bout - 443mm.




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