A Silver Mounted Violin Bow By Alfons Reidl, Germany.

A Silver Mounted Violin Bow By Alfons Reidl, Germany.

Hailing from a dynasty of Bohemian luthiers, Alfons Reidl emigrated from Schonbach to Bubenruth after World War II. Rather, after becoming displaced by the turmoil and regime changes - one of many makers forced to re-establish their workshops; the Roth shop also moved from Markneukirchen to Bubenruth in 1954, specifically. 

Whereas many of the German bow makers of this era have and continue to appreciate, Reidl’s bows remain relatively inexpensive in part due to the varying qualities produced for export. For example, it is quite likely that many of the “Sivori” bows came from his shop. Even the finer Reidl bows can be found for less than $2,500, and sometimes, significantly so. In that sense, the right Reidl represents an excellent value in terms of acquiring a good tool at a remarkably modest price.

This 20th century silver mounted Alfons Reidl violin bow demonstrates the graceful lines of his higher end production and has a very consistent flexibility through the stick, stiffer in that it offers exactly the resistance or stiffness a player would desire in a high end bow. Octagonal pernambuco, with a Parisian eye to the ebony frog, with matching lapping and three-part silver button: new mammoth ivory tip facing, fresh hair, and a final balanced weight of 57.5 grams. Drawing an articulate, well rounded sound, and handling beautifully through character changes and the full gamut of articulations.


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