A Silver Mounted Bow By Richard Grunke, Germany.

Richard Grunke was born in Poland in 1930, and apprenticed with Edwin Herrmann Schonlind in 1945 and then in Markneukirchen with H.R. Pfretzschner from 1946 through 1948. He remained in the employ of Pfretzschner after his apprenticeship was completed until 1950, when he left for Berlin to work for Alfred Leicht. Much of the trade would re-establish itself in Bunbenruth after WWII, and in 1952 Grunke followed suite, entering the employ of Roderich Paesold where he made a great number of bows. However, it wasn’t until receiving his Master’s certification in 1957 that Paesold began stamping his bows “Richard Grunke.” Already achieving renown, Grunke established his own workshop in 1975, a successful practice which saw the evolution of his personal model from a largely Pfretzschner inspired tool to a design which earned him invitations to judge some of the most prestigious bow making international completions. In 1996 he established a business with his two sons who continue collaborating on bows to this day.

This pristine example of Grunke’s work was made after he established his own workshop in 1975 and features a silver mounted ebony frog with matching three-piece button and silver lapping with a black leather thumb grip. The maker’s brand stamps are clearly visible to the player side of the handle and the upper right corner of the frog. It demonstrates all the hallmarks of craftsmanship and precision for which Richard Grunke has come to be revered and is fashioned from choice pernambuco that offers both great strength and nuance, with a final balanced weight of 62 grams. 


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