A Rare German Violin Bow By Theodor Hermann Pfretzschner.

The Pfretzschner name is one of the most easily recognized and well respected names in the violin industry, representing a dynasty spanning generations and as far back as the 15th century, tracing its roots to historic Markneukirchen, where their family atelier was established in 1834. Theodor Hermann Pfretzschner (1915-1979) began working in the family atelier at the age of 15 in 1930 and married in 1948. His later work personally branded either “Theodor Pfretzschner” or “T.H. Pfretzschner,” indicating that he began working independently. 

This specimen, branded “T.H. Pfretzschner” is a well preserved example from this less commonly seen master from the Pfretzschner family. Presumably, mid century; crafted before the conclusion of WWII and the segmentation of Germany between the Allies, this silver mounted bow is original in all its parts and has a final balanced weight of 61.2 grams. Demonstrating technical grace in its execution, it further delivers effortless sustain with a somewhat velvety or slightly darker texture and a broad but well defined bead of sound that readily responds to demands for dynamic contrast and changes in articulation.


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