A Rare American Violin By Joseph A. Walter, 1937.

Joseph A. Walter (b. 1902) of Montclair, New Jersey was born in New York and made his first violin at the age of sixteen under the mentorship and guidance of Adrian Primrose, an accomplished violinist in his own right who also trained John Johnson in New York. Walter employed an attractive oil varnish, often in amber, sometimes a deeper red, and crafted only about 35 violins after both Guarneri and Stradivarius. Such as it is, a commendably well executed violin demonstrating both skill and the understanding of a musician. This violin after Guarneri was made in 1937 and presents in remarkably well preserved condition for its 85 years, less some wear to the varnish and a few minor cracks descending from the edge at the shoulders - well repaired and totally stable, but resulting from the inlaid purfling and spruce expanding and contracting at different rates; barely worth mentioning.

Worked over and brought to a competitive performance level in the workshop of Cohen Violins. Walter’s production of some three dozen instrument belies and defies the common expectation for lesser known American makers. I dare say this is the only one of his violins on the market. Inquire to examine and audition this rare find.

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