A Modern Cremonese Violin By Marco Maria Gastaldi

Marco Maria Gastaldi (b. 1969 -) is a native Italian from the town of Cuneo and enrolled in the Civica Scuola di Liuteria, the violin making school in Milan in 1990, where he studied under Luca Primon and Gabrielle Negri. Living in Cremona since 1991, he earned his diploma and graduated in 1994. He also graduated from the Achetier program of Regione Lombardia in 1996, where he studied bow making with Giovanni Lucchi, Germano Santi and Daniel Navea Vera.

Excerpted from Gastaldi’s website: “In October 2000 he took part at the IX Triennale di Strumenti ad Arco “Antonio Stradivari” of Cremona. His viola was exposed together with the best instruments in competition chosen for the Triennale Exhibition.

In November 2000 he obtained the Certificate of Merit for Violin Workmanship at the “14th International Competition and Exhibition” held in Cincinnati by the Violin Society of America.”

Gastaldi has been crafting professional quality instruments for more than 30 years now after transitional masters Gasparo da Salò, Nicola Amati, Giovanni Battista and Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, as well as after Antonio Stradivari, and Giuseppe Guarnieri del Gesù, all of which inspire his personal models.  

This Gastaldi violin from 2003 is a personal model and presents immaculately. It has a back length of 355.5’m and is offered with the maker’s original certificate of authenticity. Precise and characterful work, with attractive wood choice and a beautiful varnish of linseed oil, colophon and amber - complimented with high quality rosewood fittings and equipped with Evah Pirazzi strings.

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