A Higher-End French Laberte Violin After Bergonzi, 20th C. Mirecourt.

A Higher-End French Laberte Violin After Bergonzi, 20th C. Mirecourt.

Higher end trade fiddles from the upper echelon of Mirecourt making firms of the first half of the 20th century are increasingly in demand as competitive alternatives to the more expensive Chinese and contemporary Bulgarian instruments prevalent through the market today; priced still significantly lower than well regarded modern makers and offering a tradition in craftsmanship and performance spanning over a centennial now and some generations of dedicated musicians. 

Presenting in inarguably mint condition, this French violin after Bergonzi is a prime example of precisely why we have come to hold the better of these traditions dear. It offers an aesthetic that at once demonstrates exacting attention to detail, careful selection of tone woods, and the characteristically highly translucent golden orange varnish which decorates finer Mirecourt productions of the era, with deeper shading and red through the mustache; antiqued in the style of Caussin. Retaining its original rosewood pegs, this Laberte-Humbert Freres violin dates to the earlier-mid 20th century.

Boasting a beautifully matchbooked two piece maple back of pronounced irregular flame measuring 361mm, with somewhat more faint but tightly flames ribs and headstock matching the ribs, and a medium grained spruce for the top, tightening towards the edges. Petite, pointed corners with round edge work, a pronounced channel, and wider purfling set close to the edge, also appearing to be beech. Stamped “7” in ink to the belly, with its original ‘Bergonzi’ facsimile label, and a secondary label reading “France.” Setup with a darker rosewood French style tailpiece, titanium tailgut, titanium tuner, and Evah Pirazzi strings with a .27 gauge loop end E string.


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