A Good Silver Mounted Violin Bow By Rudolf Neudorfer

Native to the Czech Republic, Rudolf Neudorfer studied instrument making under Bohumil Peckham and Hans Schmirler at the Violin Making School in Luby and then worked at the Cremona Cooperation For String Instruments until 1964, when he escaped socialism by posing as a Czech ski coach at the Olympic Games. He apprenticed in bow making at the Seifert workshop and further honed his craft while in the employ of the Finkel family before establishing an independent workshop in Bubenruth in 1973. He frequented both the Weisshar workshop in Los Angeles and travelled to Japan for collaborations. His bows have always been both respected and remarkably reasonably priced considering he won several prizes at the VSA competitions and a gold medal in Wiesbaden, but have become more desirable for their fine craftsmanship and playing qualities after his passing. 

This silver mounted Neudorfer violin bow demonstrates both the finesse and strength for which Finkel bows are so highly regarded and has a final balanced weight of 59.4 grams. Ammonia treated pernambuco of the finest selection, with a chocolate brown color throughout the octagonal stick, with silver lapping and fully lined ebony frog with Parisian eyes and a matching three-piece adjuster.


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