A Good Mid-Century French Bow From Marc Laberte, Non Signed.

Marc André Joseph Laberte (1880 - 1963) inherited the family workshop founded by his father, Pierre Alexis Laberte and Maurice-Emile Laberte in 1876. Although records indicate that he was actively involved as both a luthier and bow maker as early as 1911, he would inherit the leadership role at the firm only a few years later in 1915. Under his leadership the firm flourished and grew, collecting and producing both master instruments and renowned craftsman such as Gerorge Apparut, Charles Brugère, and Camille Poirson, to name a few. In 1919, he had successfully managed a merger with Fourier Magnié to establish Laberte-Humbert Frères, Fourier Magnié Réunis, which employed over 300 tradesman by the following year. André Emile Philippe Laberte would pick up his fathers mantle as the fifth generation luthier to manage the company but struggled to maintain production, distribution, and further diversification through the turmoil of WWII.

This mid century pernambuco violin bow from the Laberte family workshop well represents the meticulous craftsmanship for which the firms’ more famous craftsman are so highly esteemed; a clean example, featuring a beautiful head - highly characteristic of the finer examples from the workshop which usually feature silver mounts, but sporting a fully lined nickel on ebony frog with pearl eyes and matching three-piece adjuster. Original whalebone lapping with new lizard leather thumb grip bring the final balanced weight of the bow to 58.3 grams. Original in all its parts.

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