A Good Algerian Violin By Jean Pico, 1945.

If you happen to be relegated to a footnote in history, it should regard you as well as John Dilworth about Jean Pico, “Fine work. Very well received in his own time.” It is a privilege to represent this characterful violin, imbued with a highly developed personal style that at once illustrates both technical mastery and graceful lines. Jean Pico was born in Algiers, Algeria in 1880 and according to Dilworth, spent the first half of his career honing his craft in both Mirecourt and Germany before establishing his own workshop in 1921, located in Algeria. He worked well into the 1950’s with precise execution and often used larger, open Guarneri stylized f-holes that suggest possible inspiration from some of Amati Mangenot’s idiosyncratic yet still defining works. Pico authored over 100 violins, several violas and cellos, as well as bows for the stringed instrument family.

This fine Algerian violin by Jean Pico from 1945 is a highly characteristic example of his work and presents in mint condition. It boasts a colorful voice that is every bit as commendable in artistry and grace as the overarching aesthetic demonstrates mastery in execution and individuality. 

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