A Good 19th Century French Violin, Mirecourt

Precise, characterful work with minute attention to detail demonstrate the evident mastery of the anonymous Mirecourt artisan who crafted this fine 19th century French violin. Pronounced channel with a sharp edge and bee-sting termination of the purfling points indicate a more transitional style. So too does the thin golden orange varnish, treatment of the volutes, and wide set f holes that at are at once reminiscent of earlier French work and stylizations after Stainer. altogether, these details and passing influences suggest the violin was created between 1850 and the early 1860’s, making it some 155-170 years of age. Presenting in mint condition, with only minor wear. Wood choice features a beautiful one piece back of 360mm in length with irregular flame and wavy grain, with matching ribs and a plain headstock. The spruce top, wider on the bass side and narrowing towards the treble edge. Rosewood fittings, with a freshly dressed fingerboard, new bridge and soundpost, and Rondo strings.

I would describe its voice as broad and warm, with a crisp bright edge to the higher overtones, and a supple, flexible quality that easily allows changes in both articulation and timbre. 




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