A Fine Gold Mounted Cello Bow by J.S. Finkel

A fine contemporary Swiss bow from the fourth generation of the Finkel-Weidhaas dynasty of achetiers, the recently retired Johannes S. Finkel (b. 1947); also stamped “Swiss Made” on the audience side of the handle and in the tradition of the Brienz workshop. An altogether elegant, refined, and exactingly precise tool suitable for any professional; Ivory tip facing, gold mounted frog, with matching three piece button and lapping, and a Parisian eye, signifying the maker’s finest and most desirable productions. Demonstrating the exquisite playing properties with which the Finkel name has become synonymous. Generally, strong but more supple and responsive than German bows, with the silky, connective quality associated with fine French bows. Presenting in good overall condition, with wear to the handle ahead of the thumb projection and perfectly balanced at 82.4 grams. 

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