A French Cello Attributed to Paul Bisch, 1953.

Paul Bisch (1893-1967) was born in Mirecourt, France to Ignace Bisch, one of the many luthiers employed by Jerome Thibouville Lamy. He apprenticed there before joining the workshop of Leon Mougenot and re-entered the employ of JTL under Marius Didier. In 1919, he began working for Carressa & Francais, where he learned both complex restoration and sales practices, further developing his personal models to resemble those of Gand. From 1923 to 1929, he continuer operating in Paris, partnered with Christian Olivier. He opened an independent workshop between 1929 ans 1930 and enjoyed considerable success as a violin dealer. His awards include a silver medal in 1924 in Nancy, and another medal there in 1928. He won the Grand Prix in 1927 at the Exposition de l’Artisanat in Paris, and gold medals in 1930 and 1931 from competitions in Paris and Belgium respectively.

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