A Fine Violin Bow by Siegfried Finkel In Gold & Tortoise Shell

A Fine Violin Bow by Siegfried Finkel In Gold & Tortoise Shell

Siegfried Finkel (1927-2010) studied with and worked for his Father in law, Paul Weidhaas in Germany before emigrating to Brienz, Switzerland and establishing his own workshop in 1952; trained his son Johannes Siegfried Finkel (b. 1947), who succeeded him in 1984 and trained the 4th generation of family bowmakers. The atelier has employed numerous makers of international repute and remains a pillar of the industry, recognized for decades of the finest craftsmanship, and bows ranging from inexpensive but good student models to artist pieces suitable for the most demanding of players.

This fine Swiss bow by Siegfried Finkel demonstrates all the hallmarks of artistry for which the Finkel name has been so well loved for generations and features whale bone lapping and gold mounts on a rare yellow tortoise shell frog, the quality of which is reserved for the most exquisite of exhibition bows. 

Absolute finesse in response in contact with the string, with the strong yet supple quality that balances out between most of the French and German schools, as a generality. Crystalline articulation, with a bite that achieves a pure, rounded quality, with almost a golden color, and without a percussive edge. Effortless tracking, with a connection between notes that elevates phrasing to the sublime. From the collection of a retired New York Philharmonic musician. Flawlessly balanced at 63.2 grams. 

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