A Fine Italian-American Violin By Vincenzo De Luccia, 1938.

This Vincenzo De Luccia violin from 1938 represents a maker at the peak of his craft, highly characteristic and refined, with unmistakably Italian features and graceful arching. Acquired from the granddaughter of it’s original owner, this career instrument performed in the USO, Philadelphia Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic, and is also offered with an original bow by Vincenzo De Luccia (repaired at the head) and an antique ‘alligator’ case. Presenting in good condition, with no damages, but typical signs of wear from a lifetime of professional use. Updated with fresh fittings of ebony with bone pips and collars, complimented by custom bone saddles, and an entirely new setup. 357.5mm back length. Its voice is both commanding and inviting, powerful but flexible: colorful, with clarity and bite - when desired; evoking the feeling that it is well familiar with the most demanding of repertoire.

Vincenzo De Lucia (1882-1966) was born into a family of luthiers in Casigliano, Sessa Cilenta Italy. He began working on instruments and learning how to build at an early age, apprenticing with his father Michele (I) De Luccia (1848-1924). Vincenzo’s grandfather, Matteo De Luccia (1818-1877) was also a luthier, influenced by Vinaccia in Naples. Already a third generation luthier, Vincenzo established himself in Philadelphia in 1901 after emigrating to the United States. He operated a shop with the assistance of family; notably, in cooperation with  his brother Gennaro De Luccia (1900-1990), who went on to work for Wurlitzer in the 50’s and then moved to Miami in 1958 to open his own shop. Other family members also made instruments of commendable quality, including Vincenzo’s cousin, Michelle (II) De Luccia (1912-1980) who studied with Gennaro and replaced him at Wurlitzer’s in 1958.

Some sources claim Vincenzo was assisted by another brother, Giovanni De Luccia (1848-1943). This was either actually his uncle, or the dates have been mis-entered and copied several times over because that is the year his father Michele (I) was born. To that end, anyone with primary source material is welcomed and encouraged to send me information.


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