A Fine Hill Violin Bow by William Napier For Hart & Sons

A Fine Hill Violin Bow by William Napier For Hart & Sons

Pleased to offer this charming English violin bow from the firm of Hart & Sons by William Napier of the Hill firm. During The First World War, W.E. Hill & Sons (established 1880) continued to craft fine bows and sold much of the output to both Hart and Bearden. This bow is stamped “Hart” on the handle, “P2” above the mortise on the underside of the stick, with a corresponding “P” on the silver liner of the frog. Pernambuco, octagonal, with a silver mounted frog fully lined in pearl abalone, solid silver button with a double collar, silver tip plate with one pin and a length of precisely 73 cm. 

The bow balances beautifully at just over 58 grams and was made in the early 20th century, prior to 1918.

William Napier’s bows are often unmarked. However, he managed the Hill workshop for over 40 years. He started with the firm in 1889. 

Hart & Sons was a firm of London based violin maker’s founded in 1825 by John Hart. John was succeeded by his son, John Thomas Hart (1805-1874), who studied with Gilles, and established himself as an expert in the field after publishing a complete study of Cremonese and other violins of Italian make. He was succeeded by his son, George Hart (1839-1891), who published The Violin: Its Famous Makers and Their Imitators (London, 1875; French ed., Paris, 1886) and The Violin and Its Music (London, 1881). His sons, George and Herbert Hart, inherited the business.

The Hart shop served the music industry of England and Europe for over 100 years, employed some of the most famous makers and copyists of the era, such as the Voller Brothers, but was ultimately relegated to second tier after W.E. Hill & Sons.

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