A Fine French Viola Bow By Charles Louis Buthod.

There are but a few firms who one might claim have contributed to and shaped our industry as much as that of JTL, a powerhouse of craftsmanship operating from 1857-1968, which produced as many as 150,000 instruments, bows, and other products yearly at its height and employed over 1000 craftsmen. Their extensive catalogue and collections serviced every niche of the classical music industry, ranging from commercial instruments a child might start their musical journey on to definitive works still honored and sought after today by performers and collectors alike, as well as everything you could imagine in between. The stick bears the maker’s brand stamp to the handle, Charles Louis Buthod, who worked with JTL from 1857 and managed the workshop as foreman for many years. Whereas this exceptional example was certainly made by Buthod, his reputation was such that many shop bows were also stamped with his name. Highly flamed pernambuco, silver and ebony mounted, with a final balanced weight of *** grams.

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