A Boisterous Mid Century Swedish Cello By Nils Wennerstrom, 1959.

I am absolutely delighted to present the first of only three cellos crafted by the award winning Swedish artisan, Nils Wennerstrom, who’s instruments are still represented in the Swedish Radio Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Sweden. Born in 1917, Nils spent the majority of his career working in Sollentuna and is credited with making 10 violins, 3 cellos, and 40 violas, for which he is best known. He was awarded prizes in Scandinavian instrument making competitions in 1956, 1970, 1975, and 1980. Also, in Ypsilanti, USA in 1975. 

This cello by Nils Wennerstrom was crated in 1959 and presents in good condition for some 75 years of age. That is to say, without any cracks or repairs to speak of. There is some distress and wear to the varnish commensurate with decades of consistent playing. my favorite details include the  sharp channel falling off the consistently rounded edgework and the broad but fluted flairing to the lower wings of the f holes; beautiful choice in materials, with the ribs, back and headstock matching in figuration. The varnish, though appearing almost mottled in warmer indoor lighting, is astonishingly set ablaze in natural light, showcasing both a luminous quality and a belying translucence. Based of a personal form, this cello boasts an immediate response with ample resistance, projection, and a fundamentally clear core sound of attention commanding depth and character. 

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