A Beautiful Violin From German-Bohemian Schonbach, 1900-1910.

With a back length of exactly 356mm, this attractive violin represents the pinnacle of the instrument trade from turn of the century Schonbach, a town with centuries of tradition and historically both German and Bohemian influences. Made before the First World War, this anonymous violin would otherwise have either a label attributing it to Mathias Hornsteiner from the early 1870’s, or a Prague based Juzek label; the earlier, more sought after Juzek instruments were from this workshop. 

The table, of an even, medium grained spruce, with a two piece back of pronounced, irregular flame, with matching ribs and headstock, featuring a tight channel from the purfling into a more rounded bead for the edgework. The varnish, ilucidating darker browns and gradients of burnt orange over a golden yellow ground, with an unparalleled aesthetic in both antiquing and shading. The instrument presents in well preserved condition with subtle natural patination consistent to the instrument’s age, and boasts a voice as artistic and sophisticated as it’s appearance. 

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