A Beautiful Italian Cello By Giancarlo Gozzo, Venice 2020.

An Attractive modern Italian Cello from veteran Venetian Luthier, Giancarlo Gozzo, made by commission and completed during the pandemic, in 2020. Accompanied by its certificate of authenticity from the maker, this cello boasts attractive wood choice which features strikingly flamed Balkan maple for the back, with matching selections for the ribs and scroll, and wide-grained Italian spruce for the table; finished in the contemporary Italian style - lustrous orange oil varnish over a golden yellow ground, evenly applied, with subtle shading. Working out of his home, Giancarlo Gozzo has been crafting masterful instruments for more than four decades, developing a personal style and honing his precision, all of which is immediately demonstrated by the beauty of this instrument. Warm and well defined. powerful, lyrical, with great sustain and enough resistance to please the demanding performer.

Detailed measurements:
LOB - 757mm
UB - 353mm
LB - 452mm
SL - 698mm

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